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Excellent work, I've been hoping one of these would get made soon

I just notice 1 very minor issue. You're calculation with the 5% damage debuff from Slow Time/Static Field has it being added to static DR whereas it actually reduces pre-mitigation damage dealt which is then reduced by static DR. The difference is pretty minor but adjusting all the base DRs down by 0.05 and adding a 0.95 scalar in the damage taken equations gives a more accurate representation.

Downside is when you don't have that debuff it requires some manual alterations to the spreadsheet. I might play around with it while I'm at work and add in some more tools such as auto calculating in the the class bonuses and a flag to factor in/out the 2 debuffs.

EDIT: I made some adjustments including adding a little functionality I really liked in the old spreadsheet such as the effect of adding/swapping augments. As well as adding in the class base stat auto-fill and both debuff flags with autofill based on class/co-tank.
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