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05.19.2013 , 10:33 AM | #128
You are right of course. But I do not think you need super-unforgiving mechanics that kill the whole group if one person makes a mistake (like EC HM/NiM) to make FP's challenging. I do not also need to have gear drop that is actually useful to me to do FP's I can do them for fun or to play for other people. I am just trying to say we need FP's that are still challenging to people who do ops and have gear from them. As we can't do more ops due to lockouts. Of course you can say we need to make ourselves ALT's and many people do, but at some point they are all going to be overgeared as well. In my case full 69 gear (apart form MH of course) was about two evenings of doing FP's - from your standpoint I do not have reason to do them any more on this character.