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We will still wipe on some occasions if someone makes a huge mistake, but for a good focused group these are far too easy. I can't wait for some NiM and proper challenge.
Your entire post can be best summed up by saying, "When we were appropriate geared for the content, it was hard and fun. Now that we're overgeared, it's no longer hard and fun." *That's the entire point of gearing up". Complaining that it's too easy because you're a tier and a half above what it's actually designed for is like complaining that NiM KP/EV was too easy and should have been buffed up whenever everyone was running around in BH gear pretty much as soon as they hit 50. The content is designed for a specific level of gear. If you're geared above that, you really don't have the right to complain about it being too easy.

Now, you *could* make the argument that we need new tier 2 FPs, but that's a bit different than NiM FPs, especially since they've pretty much demonstrated with LI that they want tier 2 FPs (which drop Ops gear, functionally) to be set up as something of a mini-operation so they are pretty much required to be mechanically intensive. There are a number of things they could tweak with the current and old FPs to make them tier 2 viable (ex: on the Beastmaster in Mando Raiders, have all of the enemies apply a stacking DoT like the DG in TfB do so that you are *forced* to do some target swapping, and, because all of the enemies have threat drops, it could be done without any alt-tanks; conversely, have the dogs generate an increasing damage buff over the course of the fight until they spend 10 consecutive seconds in the boss's bonus damage aura and have the buffs stack so that you have to choose between major spikes and consistently high damage), but just cranking up the numbers (like was done with KP and EV) doesn't really solve anything since they'll *still* be too easy at some point (i.e. when you no longer need the gear that drops from them) since they're not mechanically challenging. The hardness of most of the NiM modes wasn't in the numbers: it was in the unforgiving mechanics.
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