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05.19.2013 , 06:37 AM | #126
What is kind of a worry is when the tank and dps dies in a boss fight and me healing a single dps are able too finish off the remaining boss fight with less trouble than me keeping the tank healed.
I am begining to find many tanks lacking in gear lvl for the content or lacking in tanking knowledge. Most of my ignore list is made up of tanks as is my friends list made up with all the great tanks.
It is annoying as a healer sometimes as any wipe is automatically blamed on you.

Had a lvl55 Maruader abuse me the other night for the wipes on Hammer Station bonus boss, cause it is not like him only having 800 max "buffed" damage stat and blue/green gear had anything to do with it. Even my full healer specced merc has 1350 max damage stat. Fight went so long i ended up running into heat management issues as i tried to keep tank alive through the boss enrage. So this "dps" Maruader abuses me then drops group, we reque and within 5mins pick up a new dps. Killed the boss first try in half the time as before.

Gonna keep on running healer merc and am currently leveling up a Sin Tank.