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05.19.2013 , 05:12 AM | #125
New FP's have already become far too easy I'm a shadow tank and I keep killing stuff by myself even if DPS die for some reason. Two runs through Mandalorian Riders yesterday and twice I killed the boss with two dogs before DPS killed the adds. Healer didn't even really need to heal me in that one too, my self heals are mostly more then the boss's damage. The only real issue is if I don't know the healer and DPS showing them positioning and sometimes telling about cleansing (like hammerstation). Also using target mark on turret pulls so everyone kills my target. I'm now in mix of Arcanian and Verpine/Underworld gear and I see healer started DPSing already so we are back to old time pre-2.0. Actually in one of the Mando Riders runs yesterday I think most of the DPS came from scoundrel healer as DPS had terrible gear.
First couple of runs in Dreadguard gear required focus from everyone, but as we were on early access even not guild groups were very good, actually I met some of the best Raiders on the server in those early FP runs and it were most fun FP's. And indeed with tanking stats dropped I was taking ****loads of damage for first couple of runs, but in 10 or so I had full 69 gear and it was no longer an issue. With new damage stats tanks (at elast shadows) can now also kill stuff on trash pulls (or even some boss fights) so it's actually much easier even if DPS die for some reason.
We will still wipe on some occasions if someone makes a huge mistake, but for a good focused group these are far too easy. I can't wait for some NiM and proper challenge.