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05.18.2013 , 10:56 PM | #170
Quote: Originally Posted by Deviss View Post I asked Hall Hood directly via the twitter in an attempt to get some hint about Revan's potential future fate. Here is the response that I received:

@hallhood Kudos to the entire BioWare team for Makeb - simply amazing. I hope we can expect more story content soon (Revan's return perhaps?

@LoreFreak1 Hehe... we'll see! Glad you enjoyed Makeb!

Interpret it as you wish, but he did not say no. As I said numerous times: mark my words, we will see more of Revan yet (would have been better to get brand new single player RPG game, but that is so not going to happen).
I don't suppose you can ask him about who the entity really is? I know he didn't write the warrior storyline(like karpyshyn said when asked this), but Hood was a lead writer for the game as a whole, wasn't he?