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Quote: Originally Posted by Kawabonga View Post
reading the tooltips takes a lot less time than reading a well made guide :/ that and anyway, skill comes with exercise not with reading a guide, i'm sure you know that since you play all ACs
Me, I DO read all of the tooltips - and I STILL don't understand most of the Jedi tree tooltips !

They are not very good worded to be made understandaby for non-geeks.

In Psychology, there are several ways of learning - in video games, however, I only encounter 1.
Apparingly game makers don't know much about Didactics.

Quote: Originally Posted by Jeweledleah View Post
but I come from the time of game where you HAD to read book sized tutorial that came in a game box, you couldn't just jump in (and weren't expected to) and figure it all out on your own.
I remember these times.

If you want to see how this feels - then go to GOG, buy the "Realms Of Arcania" series and try to figure things out on you own.
It's difficult.