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05.18.2013 , 12:26 PM | #6
Ok, so as an Assassin Tank, I would want the following Arkanian relics?

Arkanian Relic of Shield Amplification: Shielding an incoming attack grants 510 Absorb Rating for 6 seconds.

Arkanian Relic of Ephemeral Mending: Healing an ally has a 50% chance to restore an additional 580 health or 3 seconds.

Also, I've noticed in the two main tank stats threads (KBN and Dipstik), there is rarely mention of Accuracy rating. Should the only stat (aside from main stats of course) I see on any of my gear be Defense, Shield, and Absorb? Some of the Black Market gear has accuracy on it by default, and i'm trying to figure out if I should replace them.

Sorry for the newb questions, I'm trying to get my stuff right. Thank you.