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<The Drunk Tanks> are hosting a server wide 1v1 dueling tournament. It will be open to both Republic and Imperial characters alike. There is no buy-in but there will be credit prizes. Tournament size will be capped at 64 entries, so follow the steps below and register quickly.

When: June 1st from 1-5pm EST and continue, if need be, on June 2nd at 1pm EST.

Where: We will meet at the Lower Promenade on Nar Shada

Rules: (Breaking any rule is punishable by disqualification)
1) No outside interference at all.
2) No companions.
3) 5 minute limit on fight length, draw decided by /roll
4) Must obey the orders of any moderator
5) Any type of gear, stims, medpacks, adrenals, etc. are all permitted. Including grenades.
6) Only one entry per person
7) No fixed fights (on the honor system)
8) Trash talking is to be restricted to /PvP Channel

Prizes: 1st - 1 mil credits / 2nd - 500k credits / 3rd - 250k credits

How To Register: Respond to this thread with only the EXACT name of the character you wish to enter, and your guild name (ie. I reply: Shadowclone, <The Drunk Tanks>)(If you have no guild please just put: Your name, N/A). If there are special characters in your name please include them!

Once you register you will be put on a mailing list and you should receive an in-game mail in a few days. Please no non-registration replies in this thread! If you have questions send an in-game mail to Shadowclone (Imp) or Sarabi (Pub).

- Registration closes May 31st at 2:00pm EST
- On May 31st a bracket will be randomly generated and made available
-- All players will be able to access the bracket to prepare for Saturday
- Contestants will be sent an in-game mail on the 30th with more info

I will be live-streaming the whole tournament and the bracket creation on my twitch channel, I'll tweet an update on when I'm making the bracket on my channel's twitter, for anyone that wants watch.

Q) ( Merk wants to know if interceding to another player or object would be allowed in this tournament)

A) The verdict: Interceding to a player outside the duel will count as outside interference and result in a disqualification. This is because that player can move around and strategically position themselves. However, interceding to an NPC, or other permanent object is permitted. (Note: permanent objects do not include those placed by players, such as holostatues)
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