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Not true. Heals and damage are balanced. I had games where the opposing team has 3 healers and 1 tank and 4 DPS, and my team has 7 DPS and 1 tank, and we completely obliterated the opposing team because our DPS were superb.

If you lose a game to healers that means the DPS on your team was badly lacking.

Contrary to popular belief, playing a good DPS is just as hard as playing a good tank or a good healer. Carnage Marauder is the best healer killing spec, yet how often do you see Carnage in WZs? And how often you see a good Carnage in WZs?

Part of playing a good DPS is to learn how to focus fire, but most people don't do it. Heals are not OP, just that DPS need to learn to play better.
I agree with this post. In rateds, where there is meaningfull cc and coordination for kill/cc targets like healers, I feel like it is more balanced now than pre-expansion patch.

For non-rateds, good healers can make a big difference if no one targets them or keeps them in check. But seriously, all it takes is one or two efficient dps to ride a healer with cc/burst damage while dps'ing other targets and grabbing objectives. I don't know if Bioware pays more attention to rateds or non-rateds, but this forum seems to comment more on PUG matches when talking about healers being OP.

I believe that one DPS alone should not be able to completely shut down one healer. Like I said, 2 good dps can really make it hard for even a really good healer to be OP. It isn't too hard for good DPS to rack up damage numbers and kills on other targets while keeping one healer busy with cc because burst damage is still good. Good DPS already know this- they can still cc a healer long enough to kill other targets. Or, one good dps can cc/apply enough pressure to one healer where that healer needs to pay more attention to staying alive and less attention to healing others and grabbing objectives. Mess around with the UI and set your focus, target of target, etc.

For multiple healers, it just takes more coordination. But remember that more healers means less dps and burst on that team. It evens out, or it should even out, for a rated team that has experience. I'm still trying to figure out how close to balanced the game is in rated warzones where people actually coordinate.