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Speaking of TP, it can sometimes be beneficial to place it on the tank after he has threat, otherwise you may take a lot of damage as you generate threat as TP heals. If I have TP placed on the tank as he enters the fight I drop threat once he starts tanking the main target just to make sure I don't steal threat.

Then again, this seems less important now than it did before and you can usually get away with having it on the tank before the fight starts. Still, it's something to know. Nice guide by the way, I've been working on a video guide for a while now but haven't finished anything yet so I know how difficult and time consuming it can be to make these, good work.
TP is the most cost effective heal in the game currently and should always be placed on the tank. If you know your tank has an agro problem or does not front load his threat, then you may want to pause before placing TP on him. I would not reccomend blowing your agro drop at the beginning of the fight. I prefer to save it for when adds are present or soon to be present
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