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First off, I play a tank powertech and a hybrid heal operative.

Generally speaking healing is very powerfull in this game pvp wise.

Operative have mana free infinite probes, they can use their mana to refresh team hots and keep people afloat, they have very good mobility especially with their new "transfer ability" roll, they die very fast under stun.

Sorcerers have excellent anti spike mitigation and great passive/active aoe cc, they never die very fast and can bubble up and sink 10 seconds of dps, meanwhile someone else can heal them back to full, actually completely neglecting the burst and focus effort of ennemy's dps classes and the Cds they burnt to achieve the first spike.

Mercenaries have very good flat mitigation and can soak a lot of damage before they even get into trouble, they feel like they are what you can call "hp bag" that you can punch into forever for no real effect.

All in all for diffrent reasons, downing alone a lone healer is never "fast". that would be okay if it did not stack so well with other healers and "tanks" but more importantly with the "expertise " damage mitigation buff or bolster.

It is difficult for a team to coordonate damage on a running aoe cc spamming healer,
It is even more difficult to coordonate "burst" dps on a healer,
Now when you have two healers, you need to coordonate cc and interrupt on one AND damage AND burstdamage timing on that one you want to down.

But that is not all, add a tank in the mix and you have unkillable healers, and you need to rip the tank apart before while burdening the healers with cc and interrupts at the same time. it is very intresting in a premade vs premade environment, but you can't ask that level of gameplay and coordination to pickup teams.

How many pickup players actually understand you don't have to hit the guy in your face and you should focus on the guy healing him in the background. 50% maybee
How many pickup players understand that even when bashing on a healer, you need to bash the same one as your team mates. 30% maybee
How many pickup players understand that even in that case one need to keep on CCing, interrupting the side healer while the rest of the team focus their damage on the one you kill . 20% maybee
How many pickup players actually understand that when healers have a tank you need to forgo all that is above, keep one guy on interrrupt on both healers, and actually pump the big numbers to shred the tank fist because he is the only one that cannot be protected by his own taunts and his own guard. 5% at best

Even in premades when everybody knows the whole engagement drill
You can't ask a team to retake an objective when downing a trio of tank/healer/hybrid heal-dps takes 1 minute and the repop is 30 seconds, BG are too narrow and mobility through the bg is good enough that any suprise attack is totally pointless making stealth dps class coordonated attacks a forgettable gimmick.

But lets be reasonable, even when things look huge they are not that huge, so my two cents on the subject would be to transform the bolster/expertise "~30% damage reduction" buff into a "~30% endurance buff", this would shift the balance towards "bufferred" survivability instead of "sustained survivability".

I would like to say as well that DoTs and AoE damage are not "that" useless, burst damage is nice, burst damage is necessary, but burst damage is a finishing tool, AoE and DoTs are what puts healers in the ropes because they can't keep up with everything, healers are not that good at AoE healing, They are even worse at mass cleansing,and every gcd they have to put into cleaning / putting back someone on the side at full is a gcd they can't put into keeping someone under focus fire alive. Many players only swear by burst and that is where they are wrong.

When you burn your burst CDs you have to wait another 30seconds/minute before you can pull the trick again,should you be snared or otherwise unable to deliver the whole load of your burst sequence or if your timing was wrong, and the rest of your party loses the ability to kill anyone for those next 30 seconds.

Now if in your team you have someone who can put real dps pressure on everyone at the same time by tab dotting, ae dotting and ae damaging, or simply sustained dps, they create a lot of occasions for bursters to sucessfully finish someone with much less positionning and coordination efforts, tanks can't guard everyone, and they get twice the damage if they guard someone in the same AoE as themselves. healers can't clean dots as fast as dotters spread them and they can't heal pending damage 'cause it has not yet been done, healers can't keep everyone afloat simultaneously and they also have to focus heal to neglect the burst you outpace them and people start to fall.

In conclusion, yes healing is very powerfull, but lets be fair the game is not all that unbalanced, good team work is extremely rewarding and that is what makes premade of goodplayers look like gods when you compare them to apack of average pickup players who already struggle playing properly through a flashpoint.

in my opinion the lasting power is more a problem in bg like voidstar where it is virtually impossible to take an objective even for an excellent team because if the opponent is excellent as well you just can't go forward.

Alderande and novare are less of a problem because as true as it is that it is etremely difficult to recap, it is also very difficult to cap at all in the first place. so the bg revolves around wrestling hard on the "middle" and never allowing the ennemy to cap with as least people as possible as you can manage to actually remain able to perform meaningfull side attacks on they preffered turret ( or actually fend-off their flank attacks ) sucessfully chipping away your victory, or punching the other team off balance with those flank attacks splitting the team to break point and cap the middlepoint for an definitive GG.

I think the shift to the way the damage reduction bolster works would solve that healing issue and increase a bit the usability of stacking endurance.
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