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You so cute bro.

I would say normally in the most mmos one could kill healer 1 on 1 in 2 situations:

1. One is some burtsy devil stunlocking class (classy roguish archetypes).
2. In a very long battle healer go out of resource and dies. But this situation needs damage dealer to be able to make good pressure to not let healer to do damage moves only heals, cause obviously healer will outlast damage dealer, and of course it should be possible to dry healer of resource (passively with making him heal non stop and actively using mana drains etc.).

In swtor, at least in patch 2.0 we got again situation with infinite resource healers. And people suddenly start thinking of OPness.

What changed in heal power departament? Nothing, but now they just always have force - energy. Heat/ammo? May be, may be can be dried, but needs more than 1 on 1 situation.
If you think that Sage/Sorc healers do not have force issues then you've been in games where the sage/sorc has ~zero pressure on him/her.; can't speak to the commando since I do not have one.

Scoundrels/Operatives have no energy issues, healing on one is a joke, but even then burst dps can overcome their healing as long as you are not trying to focus them down while they are being guarded or cross-healed.

Healing is strong, but BURST DPS > BURST HEALING... the ability to heal aoe/pressure damage inflates healing numbers to make it seem like healing is outdistancing dps, ,but that is simply not the case.

Now, a more serious issue is the amount of horrible players who can barely scratch 200-300k damage in a long match, much less utilize interrupts/cc/and focus fire (even in pugs this is fairly simple, just set your focus target and use the acquire focus target keybind..).