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I guess if the developers decide that healers shouldn't be able to killed 1 on 1 its like that. The way the game is atm I think its like that but not sure, maybe you'll have to ask them?

What I am trying to say is that teams are always balanced if you have everything "perfect".

Ofc in pugs warzone no 2 players are the same, so 99 procent of the whine on this forum is irrelevant.

Look at me all going carebear today
Honestly I'd say most of those changes are likely to be PvE oriented. It's not like spamming your usual compliment of fast/instant healing spells has any chance of keeping up with a boss's damage output so the infinite energy while spamming certain heals is a non issue for PvE because any respectable boss will do enough DPS to force you to use your more costly heals.

To a lesser extent, before 2.0 Sages might be a bit too easy to lock up with interrupts, so they gained interrupt immunity the haste CD, and they also have extra fast Salavation (another spell that's commonly interrupted to the point where you might as well not bother trying to cast it). That said, you're basically punishing DPS for being too good at interrupting spells. What should have happened is standardize all interrupts on 12s CD. There's really no reason why certain specs can interrupt twice as often (6s) and it is devastating to a healer. This would make interrupts still powerful but limited in their usage. Instead Bioware's solution to deal with 6s CD interrupts is to make most heals instant cast, uninterruptible, or cast so fast that it might as well be uninterruptible.