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like any skill - playing games is a little like that. some people are just better at it than others. some people learn faster, figure things out faster. others CAN figure out things on their own, but it takes them 10 times as long . and some people need help, period.
Yeah, that's fair. I understand where you're coming from — as much as I love gaming, I'm just not ever going to be one of the "pros" clearing Nightmare modes 2 days after release. I'm too clumsy. Everyone's skill is only relative.

Guides are definitely an awesome tool and, if we're being honest, I probably wouldn't have deciphered SWTOR so quickly if I wasn't already "trained" in MMO mechanics from years of playing WoW and reading the guides there. I guess it's human nature that it's easy to forget how much time you've spent learning something, once it feels simple to you.

If anyone had a recording of the first dungeon I ever ran in WoW, I'd probably do a Picard Facepalm™ for 20-30 minutes.

Sometimes, though, you try to give people advice and they either ignore you or become hostile. Like that Powertech I described — I whispered her to explain what she was doing wrong, and she thanked me for the tips. Then she kept doing it anyway... for the entire run. I asked again, and she said it was "just too hard to do it [my] way". In this case, "My way" was: "Please stop using Taunt and Grapple on cooldown".