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I understand.

Honestly, the class section of this forum contains some really really good guides. For each of the toons I leveled, the stickied threads at the top contained great data that helped me out.

For some more in-depth analysis of classes, the site mmo-mechanics is excellent. The people that post there love math and MMOs, and really spend a lot of time crunching numbers and figuring things out.
thank you for the suggestions, I'll refer to these sources from now on

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But yes, you do, because people with equally demanding schedules manage to they're just more patient about it. In fact, these are the same people who write your guides most are in college, have jobs, or both. My only issue was with saying "I can't learn it myself because I have a job, hobbies, and a life so stop bothering me!" that is just flat-out wrong. You don't want to spend time doing it, and that is completely fine. But that's entirely a personal preference.
I'm going to give you an example, sort of a personal one. I like to draw sometimes. I enjoy it. I'm mediocre at it. and slow. so very painfully slow. its the reason why I don't draw very often. I do practice and I do get better as I practice, but I'll never be anywhere near professional level, let alone great artist level. sometimes I look at art of other people with great deal of wistfulness. most of the time, I collect tutorials they have created, guides, lessons and try to follow them, because it does help and it does allow me to improve more efficiently. learning shortcuts other people figured out, allows me to speed up my own drawings and as a result have an opportunity to draw more often.

like any skill - playing games is a little like that. some people are just better at it than others. some people learn faster, figure things out faster. others CAN figure out things on their own, but it takes them 10 times as long . and some people need help, period.

there's nothing wrong with it. and this is what I was talking about. if I were to try to figure out how each and every class works on my own, sure i could do that eventually. but it would take me far longer than someone else who has better knack for it, and it would definitely take me longer. to the point where I'd have to give something up.

I don't know how much clearer i could make it, really.

do you use datacron guides? flashpoint guides? quest guides? I do. because otherwise, my already slow leveling speed slows down to glacial and I don't get to see the stories I'd like to. because I run out of time.

this is part of the reason why I like it that in TOR quest rewards are specifically stated for your class and ONLy for your class. because they understand that figuring out what stats are good for you, can be daunting. so through quest rewards - they tell you.

and the thing is? even with dearth of TOR guides, it can still be difficult to figure out which guide is good, and which guide not so good. unless someone who knows better? helps you out and tells you.