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I am going to try and make a quick reference list of bugged achievements. I know there are several threads for this, but you have to read through every page and I haven't found a quick reference list. I'll be trying to update those that have already been known and posted, but please post any not listed. I will update this front post regularly. Hopefully that will help players not to waste their time and also help BW to fix them quickly

EDIT: Updated to 2.5.2 - 16/01

General Crew - achievement is lost on log out

Makeb Explorer (if you do Braken Mesa last)
Coruscant Explorer (may be recently/currently broken, but was achievable in the past)

Beastmaster of Ilum - Removed from Ilum 2.5.2, but required for Galactic Beastmaster
Asharl panther - only available during Gree event
Bogwing - Young Bogwing on Belsavis (thanks to Gaellon)
Kath Hound - Feral Kath Hound on Alderaan (thanks to theStirge)

Makeb - Kill it with Fire (Kill 100 Makrin while burning) - kills don't register

Quesh - Killing Rogue Cartel Warbot doesn't grant the achievement

Eternity Vault - 8M NiM Pylons, Infernal Council, Soa - FIXED 2.5.2
Explosive Conflict - 8M NiM Firebrand and Stormcaller

Saleucami Fleet Action - Eliminate Fighters bonus does not exist

Data Mining - killing everything on the list does not always grant the achievement

I'm sure there's more, so please let me know! I'll keep bumping this.