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Hitting 50 one day after launch means you been playing wayyy too much.. no offense.

I think most who play a good average of playtime 3-4 hours per day without crafting would be somewhere around Level 35-40. (Pending they started 13th or 14th from early access.)

I'm sure BW is aware of these issues. I think most of us knew that BW was selling us the story of the game... I have an impression how thin and buggy end game will be already based on other MMO's.

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Obviously we are at 50 since we are doing hardmodes. You don't have to spacebar through everything to be at 50 by now if you've played a lot since the first day of early access. It's not that we can't do anything else, as much as it's the fact that a big part of the game, end-game dungeons is not even working. They are not glitchy or lack content, they are not present at all.
You should be happy, if everyone was as slow as you then you'd get to 50 and you would discover, with all the other fan-boys that come with the same ****** argument, that half the end-game content is unaccessable.