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I believe I was specific to the 16 man portion. That fight was different and that was what I was highlighting. Let's see, MoX, FriendlyFire, Ace, Level Capped, Chosen, Carange and Messores (Minus my guild) are the ones to see that fight that ran progression on it. Soooo, I believe I saw someone from MoX posting.....who else was part of a 16 man guild for it?
I'm not going to lift the anonymity from anyone. Not everyone brags about what happens in game or starts threads out with their MMO Resume. Killing a boss doesn't mean your opinion is more important. Be glad that the weight of an argument isn't determined by raid experience with classes, or you'd be forced to accept my opinion. Although, I guess I haven't dps'd any operations with my assassin. I should do that to complete my resume.

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So, now instead of making fights melee friendly you choose to make them melee ONLY fights? Remind me how that is balanced.
I used an example of one aspect of a single phase within one boss fight. Reflect damage would only hurt you if you damaged the mob from range. With Force Speed and the Sniper Roll, the only ranged class that would be forced to run next to a mob would be a Mercenary dps. Once they got next to the mob, they could dps. This doesn't make the entire fight melee only. It's simply an example of one way they could remove the perpetual advantage of ranged classes, which is essentially what you said was not possible, which made balancing classes impossible. There are ways to do it, as I mentioned with class design and raid mechanics.

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This isn't the government, this is a business......
I mentioned that hardcore raiders were a minority, so losing my subscription (and potentially other hardcore raiders as well) probably doesn't matter that much to BioWare. That doesn't mean you shouldn't make an effort to improve the game. I'm probably wasting my time. Everyone seems to fight trying to change anything because "that's just the way things are." For a guy whose signature includes a Sniper (best ranged dps), Marauder (best melee dps), Assassin (tank that can ignore mechanics), and Sorceror (super hard healing, especially on the meters), I'm not surprised you don't want anything to change.