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I will repeat my statement: If other melee classes want more utility, then it's only fair you give Marauders the ability to have a spec for healing or tanking.
Then I will say that that is a retarded statement. The ability to respec is not raid utility per se, and can be matched by any marauder who simply levels another class. Once an assassin or vanguard or operative is filling a DPS slot, they can only be considered from the view point of what they bring to the table as a DPS. Respeccing is nice, but not significantly different from just leveling an alt since in order to tank you need a completely seperate set of gear, and even for healing you need to change up quite a bit.

That being said if you really want to be able to respec tank or heals, I personally don't have a problem with that. Let that change be made, except I suspect that you don't really want that. I suspect you just want justification for why you should continue to have the best utility, and in my opinion that dog don't quite hunt.

The problem is why should you ever bring another melee DPS besides mara unless there aren't enough maras or ranged DPS (for the record I should say here that my main is commando DPS, so I'm not asking for more utility for myself per se)? Melee is a huge liability in a lot of fights. Giving an incentive to bring the others in DPS roles is not a bad idea.

I mean lets face it, once everyone's DPS is roughly equal to the point where you can take 10 skilled DPS at random regardless of class and meet the DPS check, then the question becomes who makes the fight easier? Ranged make the fight easier by being able to seriously reduce the amount of raid damage they take by virtue of being ranged. Anything which reduces the kill time, such as armor breaks and bloodthirst/inspiration, makes the fight easier by making mistakes more forgivable and reducing the amount of time people have to make mistakes. Bloodothirst/Inspiration is particularly useful on every fight with a soft enrage mechanic requiring the raid to push out significantly more damage in a short window than during the rest of the fight . Defensive buffs like Sniper shield or phase walk healing aura make the fight easier. Transcendence/Predation makes the fight easier when there is some reason to traverse a distance as quickly and efficiently as possible, obviously this is true of any speed buff as well.

Right now that doesn't matter so much but if and when they release difficult content these things are the difference between winning and wiping. At this point maybe you don't take that operative DPS or that Shadow DPS because really what are they bringing to the table besides damage which can be matched by other classes?

An armor break is actually a very nice raid utility, but since they don't stack anymore, once you have one you don't really need another (though I feel this does bring up a big problem with stacking 4 maras in 8 man if you don't have guardian tanks).

I do propose that bloodthirst/inspiration should become a raid wide as opposed to a group wide buff. This would be an undeniable buff to the ability. I also propose the 5 minute debuff on the raid preventing them from being able to benefit again for 5 minutes. This is mostly to prevent bringing an overabundance in 16 man and turning DPS checks into pure cheese. This would still give the 2 high DPS burn phases at the beginning and end of a fight. To completely preserve the status quo perhaps make it a stacking debuff where you aren't locked out until the second. While a theoretical nerf, would anyone actually consider this a practical nerf? Is any raid group currently stacking 6 maras in two raid frames for 3 inspires? I honestly just want to make inspire mechanics easier without constantly worrying about whose in what group, and cherry picking the two DPS who aren't gonna get an inspire. But that kind of buff would need some kind of balance to prevent cheesing. Or leave it as it is. I just want everyone to get inspires =/

That being said, are we seriously all that opposed to other melee classes getting some kind of buff to utility which increases group DPS? Was the phase walk DPS buff for balance or infiltration really that horrible? I don't want a nerf to sentinel. I'm always in favor of buffing other classes by giving them something unique and useful. Not bringing <class> should mean giving up something. Not necessarily something you absolutely need, but something you miss.

Right now you can clear any content not using any Sentinels/Marauders. I still miss inspire when I don't have it, if for no other reason then it makes the big yellow numbers bigger. Back before legacy buffs I missed having a smuggler in the raid because of the drop in crit rate (remember when bringing someone from each base class gave a benefit?). We could still beat bosses without it, but you'd be a fool to say you didn't care if you had it. Perhaps even, as suggested, allowing different classes to synergize, kind of like how armor buffs used to stack, but maybe more clever than that.

You guys worry that a lockout on getting more than one inspire in a 5 minute period would make people say "why bring more than one mara?" and I would say that's perfectly valid. But let me counter that with "all things being equal, why bring even one operative or a shadow DPS?". Yes yes player > class, but as an abstraction why bring them? DPS? All classes can do good DPS. Why else?
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