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05.17.2013 , 12:48 PM | #132
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So instead of taking ideas to the development team and forcing them to at least hear out your ideas, you're just going to give up? It's too much effort to add class utilities, class synergy, or expand upon the game after it's released. **** it, let's just stack snipers who sit in a group at 35m with 100% uptime and complain there's not enough [hard] content.

Just as a comment, I've seen many threads on class balance that I would consider useful and valuable.

Unfortunately, Ifrit started this thread off on the wrong foot with a sloppy, lazy, 3-sentence post that made exaggerated claims about the state of Maras. It was this extremely poor agument at the beginning that resulted in quite a bit of inbound criticism, muddying the waters of this discussion. Any merit in the idea of balancing Bloodthirst was swallowed in the noise of bad logic.

I would suggest, if this aspect of the Bloodthirst balance is important to you, start a fresh thread with plenty of raw data, reasoning and a well-though-out solution.