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Give one example where this global cooldown would this would nerf maras' "utility in the other fights".
I don't have to prove that. The only reason a raid wide CD is being proposed is because there is a fight with a tight enrage timer and someone got the bright idea that a 4 Marauder team would be able to do it easier then any other comp. What my previous comment was designed to point out is the very fact that this has not been brought up before. I am sure almost none of you EVER did NiM Firebrand and Stormcaller in 16 man before it was nerfed...........from experience, THAT was a tight enrage timer. Tell me why none of us that where progressing in that fight got the bright idea to come to these forums and complain about the fight being easier with 6 Marauders?..........I will also point out, that every who has done that fight respects it for what it is and asked for more fights of that caliber.

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I never said you need 4 maras. I just argued that is gives an unfair dps advantage with no downside in current content.

Ps. It would be more efficient to stagger the BT's. ~1/min.
Let's talk about unfair dps advantages...........more specifically ranged dps, As ranged you have 10x the uptime on boss. If you are a Sniper, your raid single target and AoE is far superior to any other class. Not to mention the ease of target swapping........I guess we should give melee classes the ability to attack from 30 meters away?...oh wait, I am sorry.....35meters away (since that is the sniper range).

The only way you can achieve that "true balance" you guys keep whining about is to have EVERY class the EXACT same class.......go play CoD or something if you want that.

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To be quite honest, waaaay back around 1.2 my guild and I were discussing some sort of Synergy between classes in regards to group buffs. I would actually be a proponent of that. Something along the lines of the class using X ability (Normal Spec dependent ability, Turbulence, Plasma Probe, Merciless Slash, Force Exhaustion, etc) to apply a buff to another type of ability. It would bring a nice synergy between classes in operations.....however, is probably a bit to much to add to the game at this point.
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