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There might be ONE group out there that has 4 marauders, and they can clear an ops 30 seconds faster than those that don't have 4 marauders.

that's unfair! TO THE FORUMS!
You're missing the point. Allowing known imbalances to exist within the game can potentially be a drawback later on. As has been mentioned, if there does exist an encounter in which the only constraint in the fight is raid damage, you bring 4 snipers and pop their shields. You bring classes that can offheal if a fight requires more healing than 2 healers can do. You bring bloodthirst if you need to work around a dps threshold.

So many people seem to be focusing on the idea that the OP wants Marauders nerfed horribly. This doesn't sound like an issue that many people are running into, but this sets a bad precedent. To me, this is less about nerfing one class and inspiring and cultivating class diversity. There is no reason to bring diverse classes to a raid. None of the content is hard. You can beat all of the content in the game with any group composition without trouble. However, you're rewarded for bringing certain classes over other classes. And not in unique situations. All the time.

What if Bloodthirst was made to impact the entire raid instead of their party and instituted a 150s group lockout? What if when they made this change they instituted other changes? Agents were desired at the beginning of the game for their crit buff (also yay for unique class buffs everyone has). What if Operatives had a raid wide buff that increased Critical Hit (and or Surge) by 15% for 15 seconds? Maybe dps assassins get something similar to the tank mark, but that increases damage by some %. Or increases defense. Or increases resource regeneration. Maybe just flat alacrity? What if Powertechs had a raid wide utility that say...put Energy Shield on everyone that increased defense by 20% for 15s? I don't know, let the developers try to think of unique raid utility buffs for the other classes.

You all seem to be arguing against making any changes to any classes because you think people use these raid utilities as a crux, but if they ever made hard content then yes, these raid utilities would vastly decrease the desirability of other classes. When all the classes have useful raid utility, that's called balance.

As I've said the entire time: I don't want to nerf Marauders. I want to bring melee dps classes into a balanced ratio of damage and utility. Why can't we add some unique raid utility for other classes?