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None, again some might consider it a little bit insensitive given the widespread negative feelings that have gone unacknowledged on the forums. As always, not a dig at you personally, just saying it.

But in the interest of keeping my post constructive:

I'm considering using one of the new female human hairstyles (I do love the long front/back one but it just seems a little too big when I preview it). I looked at the long male one and even went so far as to mocking up a character with that style, a beard and one of the older faces (wisened older Jedi-ish). I didn't go for it in the end, though - thought about a new character with this but being described as a "young Jedi" all over Tython kinda ruins the feel of trying to make an older character.

What WOULD part me with some Coins is a range of new Miraluka "masks". I was in a d20 campaign from October 2008 right up until launch in preparation for the game (3 and a half year old community fell apart after a month but that's because the game fought back at every level of heavy RP we tried to engage in) and had a Miraluka character (hoped it would be implemented). My choice of mask was pretty much a simple white "bandage" wrapped around the eyes, like this. I settled for the brown patched up one but would love something like that.

So if you want my coins, that's how to do it.

Other than that, might consider changing a head (couple of square ones I cringe looking at) or hairstyle. Nothing planned yet though.

That said, IF these appearance changes could be paid for with the credits that I've spent 17 months saving up, I'd have used it a dozen times by now.
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