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This guide has been updated. Please click this link to visit the consolidated and updated thread.

2.0 Sharpshooter Guide
Last updated 1st June 2013


In game update 2.0, the Sharpshooter skill tree received a massive overhaul that greatly changed the way it played out, with the new rotation being much more static than the previous dynamic rotation. The improvement to Dirty Fighting and massive potential for Saboteur also saw many gunslingers move away from Sharpshooter to try something new.

There are definitely places that the Sharpshooter spec has advantages over Saboteur and Lethality, and these mainly come in the 'on-demand' damage which doesn't require any application of DoTs to set up, as well as its ability to rapidly change targets while experiencing a minimal loss to DPS output.

Up until 2.0 I was a Saboteur / Dirty Fighting hybrid gunslinger and had great success and fun running this spec. Come 2.0 the huge loss of DPS experienced when changing targets and adjusting to mechanics, especially in Terror From Beyond and Dread Master Styrak, made Sharpshooter the more appealing spec and I've had a steady improvement over the last few weeks, clearing all of the new content including HM Golden Fury with <The Ex-Hothian Ewok Enclave> on the Dalborra server.

I'm writing this guide so I can hopefully educate other gunslingers and give you some ideas on how to put out higher numbers, and also because I'm happy to put myself out there and receive constructive criticism which while, in turn, help me improve my own output.

Skill Tree and Gearing

Overview of Abilities

Basic Rotation

Detailed Rotation

WARNING: This section goes in to a lot of detail about the Sharpshooter skill tree and I will describe extensively your priorities, situational changes to your rotation and maxing out on DPS output.


If you made it this far, congratulations and thank you for reading my walls of text. Hopefully you learned something new and I've helped you figure out how to increase your DPS output, whether it be by 10 or 500. Feel free to ask questions and offer feedback and suggestions. This is by no means the definitive guide to Sharpshooter, it's just my interpretation of the skill tree and I've written about has worked for me and helped pull big numbers.
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