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05.17.2013 , 01:25 AM | #9
These guys know what they are talking about so I will just add (hopefully) a point or two and my two cents.

If you haven't ran a lot of FP's so far, I would expect that you haven't ran many OP's either. So I will suggest that you know the fights. Maybe not every pull in every FP, but look for the "not a tank and spank" ones and bone up on them. OP pulls, yes you should learn them. They are longer and require you as a tank to do more than a vast majority of the FP pulls. Don't be afraid to ask about a fight, just because you are the tank, and the fight should be done the way you want to tank it, doesn't mean that even a seasoned tank doesn't need a refresher from time to time.

I would also suggest you look into gear distributions for your AC. From what I have learned from tanking in this game is that being able to grab agro is one thing, being able to survive it is another. If you have made it this far into the forums I am going to assume you have at least glanced at Keyboardninja's wonderful stat thread. If you haven't, then you need to read that.

Lastly, don't make your decision about tanking versus DPS based on "DPS are horibad" comments. True, there are some really bad DPS'ers out there, and sometimes they que as a tank. But as the tank you are in control of the run, and have the bully pulpit on pulls. Plus, nothing is more appreciated than a tank saving the day, being the last toon standing and killing the boss, or rescuing someone who made a mistake. In my opinion, tanking is the most rewarding and the funnest role to play in this game. Throw in you are always in demand makes your play time that much more productive.