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Was it so we wouldn't bail for 6 months so you could continue to use subscription dollars to finance building up your cartel market and F2P system?

First, you can continue as a subscriber, which gives you unlimited access to ALL game features and future Game Updates at no additional charge.
That couldn't have been written any more clearly. All additions to the game, even after the implementation of F2P, would remain free to subscribers. This was written to subscribers to belay our fears in the transition. It was done so to maintain our trust. Your 2.1 update is in violation of this guarantee and you have violated the trust established between you and your subscribers when you decided to move to F2P.

p.s. Guess who met Eric Musco at the Dallas meet? This guy. And he didn't kill me. We had a good talk. Meetings are underway to figure out some ways to make sure subs are feeling the love. They really wanted to drive home that F2P is all about vanity and that you will never ever be able to "buy power" from the CM. And I was guaranteed that something like the ship parts fiasco will never happen again. I'm still bothered by the fact that the barber shop is an in game feature and not really used through the cartel market, but is rather an in game station that accepts Cartel Coins. But its implementation may have simply been easier that way that putting it directly in the CM.

The post did its job. We got their attention and renewed their drive to support subs and make sure power and content stays off the CM. I think we can all take a chill pill for a bit at this point.
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