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I'm pretty sure he is aware of what you did if you let him die. At least that's what I remember.

"Can't say it Chance, can you?"
Yes, that was very ironic.

He was silent, eyes-closed, looked positively comatose in the "freeze frame" where it was waiting for my input. Then, after waiting 15 minutes for a forum response because I didn't want him to die unconscious... he responds to me as I walk off, wheezing out a last gasp for help.

Still, I've had so many convos where I pick the "wrong" thing, the scene suddenly ends and the Mission Complete pop-up happens and I can't go back and fix it... I'm willing to be overcautious sometimes!

And I'd rather not add up how many hours I've spent "Reset"-ing massive chains of events just to fix one dialogue choice...

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I like seeing threads like this, good to know there's others like me that make sure every response is absolutely perfect. I presume you like to record your cutscenes as well?
I would, but my computer can barely run SWTOR on dirt-minimum settings, attempting to record anything would probably cause the CPU to immediately burst into flames.