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What is the stance on editing of the log files? The reason I ask is because if I take a specific 5 minutes of my parse, I'd be at 2700+ for my class. It appears others are editing their logs? As noted by the lack of drop off towards the end. It can also be clearly seen in the logs themselves. I do not consider it cheating, but I didn't see anything mentioned in the OP that says this was allowed.

This is a straight up parse I took with all four classes buffs and a stim. I did not use an adrenal. This parse is unedited, but if it is approved that adjusting the start and stop times of a parse is allowed, I'll do so with a follow-up post.

Drekkin-Commando-Gunnery 6/31/4-2627 (2710 @ 17:59.07-18:04.15) link
Editing the logs is fine to cut out endtime, etc. Updated the rule concerning length accordingly (my bad, thought I had it there already.)