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Have to first say that its not about that they don't have "dramatic" choices and what not, but that they have nothing at all just mindless killing which was pretty much promised there would not be, they even explicitly said there would be NO grinding and its all very story driven especily the class quests and flashpoints, not to mention he was right that they hooked many in with showing some of the best parts and telling about the best ones.
-->So I totaly agree that Hammer and the few others need to be fixed, and include somethings, a couple decent scenes of whats really going on, who the bosses are, maybe a couple times to coment on something or do/cause something, and maybe just like little events and or "random encounters" (which would be totaly awesome and make running them 10xs like some I guess like to do even more awesome) etc..

I do think the OP(original poster) kind of became a drama queen in his first post no offence dude.. but relax... as there are some that have story and the fact a fair amount of the game still has story in it and does not need to rely entirely on flashpoints to give you them obviously and this game will polish like crazy for long time and add more change a bit etc...

As to those say QQ with , "I get tired of the story and want to run it 100xs" well thats good for you, please go back to Everquest/WoW/DnD/etc....... and do dungeons or something... because there is really no need to do them 100xs or even 10xs sorry to tell you and because they require least a small group I am sure there will almost always be a little difference in the diaoulge and choices made which is quite entertaining.
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