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Just throwing this out there for any east coasters wanting to stay on the east coast. I ran my first toon on a East Coast Server (ZezKaiEll) and it was horribly underpopulated at level 50 back when the game first came out. I decided to reroll after having a 50 with no end game potential, so I decided to roll on a west coast server which eventually got merged with Bastion. I love the Bastion - I'm a PVEer but it's so nice to PVP with some good competition on PVE off nights. My ping is somewhat high comparatively, usually around 120ms, but it doesn't seem to bother me at all everything feels smooth and I put up high numbers with no issues.

Also, for those against server transfers I do understand your concerns. Personally, I want server transfers for the very reason listed above. I have a level 50 sith sitting on a server that I never touch, while Bastion has 5 55's. I'd love to bring my level 50 sith over to Bastion and be able to use it again. I'd feel better about server transfers if they required a level 55 toon on the server for which you are trying to transfer another toon. I too am afraid of everyone jumping to specific servers and causing that server to lag and the others to be underpopulated.
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