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To former wow players: is tanking here more similiar to tanking in wotlk or in cata?
Uh... Both? The style is kinda early WotLK. Later Wrath was very "face pull... Drop consecration/ D&D.... Everything sticks like glue." not so much here. Early Cata...I remember tanks got a rude expansion awakening. For a while there, you had to CC everything until you had better gear. Not so much here. It's kind of a mix. You don't necessarily just grab up everything and all is well, but you also don't have to CC everything either. Swtor is about tanking a little smarter. In Wow.... If you interrupted the range caster, he immediately ran to you. Here they stay put. So a lot of times... I'll just CC that one guy thats way off from the pack and worry about him last. That one ranged shooter is most likely to aggro to the healer and since he's kinda off on his own, he just sits there and plinks away at people. So you wind up having to go after him, which lets your DPS get their foot in the door and now one of them pulls off you. Or if you do have aggro, that plinker is just making you that much spikier because he's just doin his own thing while you deal with the pack.

That kinda sums it up, actually in a TL;DR sense. CC'ing that one outlier dealing senseless damage, or the one or two mobs that have a nasty particular attack (damn stim fiends). Using your knock back and force pull wisely to control positioning. You have to control your mobs a little more in Swtor vs. Wow where you can face pull EVERYTHING! I am very big on positioning of things. It helps alot with incoming damage and aggro.

As far as the general question about the tank's responsibilities?
Simple answer: 75% of Everything. Because *IMO*...75% of everything that goes wrong in a run *can* be fixed by a good tank. (even though he/she may not be the cause). It may make me sound arrogant or elitist... I like to think of it as I just hold myself to a high standard. But as the's my run and the DPS just play here. I control the pace...I make or break it. If there is a wipe, then damn the tank it's my fault because i shouldn't have let it happen. {side note: You will never EVER hear me say it's the healer's fault}
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