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Burst healing? Interesting word choice lol. Recklessness makes it more likely that you will crit, doesn't add burst or anything, and should always be used for an innervate and a Revivification. Not a dark heal. EVAR. Polarity shift is kind of like an emergency thing if you're low on force as it regens force faster when it's up. It's got too long of a cooldown to be used as something to add burst, pop it early or save it till you're low on force.
I've never ever seen Innervate consume Recklessness charges, and this is something I've tested under controlled conditions outside of PVP. So I've come to the conclusion that either it's bugged and doesn't work, or it's like Static Barrier in that (other than having the proc), you can't control crit, Though static doesn't crit at all.

Adding Recklessness to Reviv is good for number padding, yes, but Reviv won't really save a high-value ally (or for that matter myself) who needs fast, immediate heals. I prefer to save Recklessness for the moments when critting on some fast heals will mean the difference between someone important living or dying. Though I can see the number padding being more useful in PVE where AOE damage is predictable, of a known quantity and duration, and must be healed through while still keeping most of the heals on a single target (or known collection of targets) that will hold predictable aggro..

Note that I don't ONLY use Recklessness for Dark Heal, just that it's an option that I sometimes utilize in the situation I mentioned. Other times I do use it for those "low on force, need to consume and get my health back immediately with a big crit" moments.
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