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Dark Heal for quick healing when Innervate is on cooldown. It's pretty good burst healing when combined with Recklessness, too. (Don't waste Recklessness charges when you have Resurgence proc up, I'm talking about when that along with Innervate is on cooldown.) If I REALLY need to pour on the burst, I'll add Polarity Shift to that.

Disclaimer: I only PVP.
Burst healing? Interesting word choice lol. Recklessness makes it more likely that you will crit, doesn't add burst or anything, and should always be used for an innervate and a Revivification. Not a dark heal. EVAR. Polarity shift is kind of like an emergency thing if you're low on force as it regens force faster when it's up. It's got too long of a cooldown to be used as something to add burst, pop it early or save it till you're low on force.