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One thing at a time :

A) Your laptop : is probably overheating due to the fan been clogged with dust or not operating properly. A good cleanup could help things some. Overheat and sudden restart is a common issue with older laptop that have accumulated dust over time (inside).

B) That said there is little you can do to it to make it run the game better. Even upgrading memory (expensive) won't make it run much better. So if the cleanup gets rid of the overheat and reboots, and you are happy at that performance, then don't waste much money on that.

C) Unlike other game, while the video card is always important, this game also depends a lot on CPU, memory and disk as well. On my older machine, my cpu would hit 90%+ a lot. Also, my slow hard disk makes the load screens take longer. You also want to have at least 4Gb of ram available to the game, so you want to look at 6 to 8Gb ram.

Note that the machine linked previously (UK link), while ok priced, does NOT include the OS and needs more ram. So consider the extra expenses when looking at a cheap machine. The difference in cost between 4GB and 8GB ram should be minimal.

I also support the desktop solution. Easier to upgrade with time and can be made to run cooler than any laptop. I am more familiar with Intel chips, so I would say an economy rig would have a Core I5, 8GB ram and you should be ok to run. If money allows, a core I7 would be better of course. An AMD rig would run fine, I just don't know their processor line so don't know the equivalent cpu models.

Last : those long delays on load screens come from disk access. An SSD drive can help those a lot. SSDs are coming down in price quite a bit, so if you have a chance to get one, it will directly improve load times.

Didn't even mention a video card, did I? ;-)
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