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I just reached the point on Taris where SIS agent Chance activated my brainwashing to force me to come help him at the hospital. However, he collapsed before he could finish giving the order to save his life.

I take my convo choices as I level a character very seriously; correctly RP'ing my way through the plot is part of the core gameplay for my leveling characters. However, the game constrains you sometimes, making it impossible to stay truly in-character.

Here is my dilemma:
  • My Agent has been [Flirting] with Chance since this began, waiting for an opportunity to lull him into a false sense of security and then murder him for revenge.
  • Now she has an opportunity to let him die, but Chance is not conscious. So if my Agent simply lets him die, he will never know she betrayed him.
  • Since she's a pathological sociopath, this means she would gain no pleasure from it her victims have to be aware of what's happening to provide a pay-off to her betrayals.

The in-character solution is to save Chance right now, both to maintain her cover identity and to provide an opportunity to kill him "properly" at a later time.

This leads to my question: If I save Chance on Taris, will I get an opportunity to kill him again later in the story?