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I rarely use dark heal on my sorc as heals.
I'd say like 80% of my single target heals is innervate with the odd dark infusion when someone drops rly low. In emergencys i like to use recklessness and polarity shift then dark infusion into innervate. so op.

So glad to see someone who knows what they're talking about.

Resurgance before every heal, Revivification always on cd, innervate always on cd, SB when they're both on cd.

In rare situation that's both those heals are on cd and your target is Deionized, you may throw in a DH or DI, but its almost worth it to just bubble other targets then just wait for them to be off cd. 75% of your total healing will be done from your aoe and innervate. Using the other two really doesn't do much, and the cast times are barely worth it.