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Nope, but the op's argument is that it is continuous and therefore not timed and i'm just adding to how ridiculous his argument is. Yes, an organized could add more than 3% if all of the marauders could continue a normal rotation, but they can't, as many people have already pointed out, because marauders can't build fury if affected by bloodthirst. They could use frenzy, but they couldn't do that all the time because frenzy has a 3 min cooldown (2.5 min if specced)
I guess it depends on the fight. If there's a section that would genuinely benefit from 30-60s of sustained increased output, instead of a narrow window of 15-20s increased output, then yes this tactic could be meaningful.

As for the rotation, that's comme-ci/comme-ca. You'd have to work out how much the Fury-blockage reduces damage output and weigh that against how much BT increases it, then further split the analysis by spec choice, to see what you're really getting.

As far as Frenzy: with BT on 5m CD and Frenzy on 2.5m CD, it should be plausible to have a Frenzy-chain ready for each BT, right?

But I'm still curious about the people who keep saying "BT only affects your actual group", which drops the plausible Op-wide uptime to 30s in an 8-man. Unless, I guess, you structured it as "Tank / Tank / Heal / Heal" in one group and "DPS / DPS / DPS / DPS" in the other group... I guess that's plausible enough.

I know I'm meandering a bit, I'm not very experienced with organized Ops, but I just find this topic interesting and want to explore it more.