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Op/Scoundrel stealth CC = utility... You're gonna give up a utility that's useful in an ENTIRELY different situation for a utility another class has for an ENTIRELY different situation in PVE? That's just dumb. Every class has their role to perform PVE-wise. This is only a discussion in PVP and even then it's moot. A DPS Assassin/Shadow or DPS Jugg/Guardian can AoE taunt as well in PVP racking up the Protection points which is WAAAAY better than closing a mere 5% dps gap in PVP. So this argument is dumb in both environments.
If a class's pvp utility is vastly superior than its pve utility, that's imbalanced.
If one class's utility is vastly superior to another's utility, that's imbalanced.

BioWare doesn't seem to care about balancing utility. Instead, whining about imbalanced dps has slowly gotten the dps closer. I don't care about the damage of classes because I trust every member of my raid team. What I do care about is providing proper utility balance across classes. Personally, I'd rather an environment where every class did similar dps with caveats (burst vs sustained, area vs single target), but the general population would just complain because pvp warzone numbers would be so much higher for the area classes opposed to bursty single target. I'd also love for each class to have a raid wide utility ability similar to how marauders have Bloodthirst and Predation and Snipers have their Shield. It feels like everyone is so against proper damage and utility balancing because they don't want to get nerfed.