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But these things are all part of class balance. It's easy to say that utility should only be balanced with utility if you're a marauder -- you have ALL of the utility. It's an unfair advantage to classes that only do the same damage as you and have no utility. Yes, I understand that from a pvp perspective stealth and vanish trump just about everything for utility, but that doesn't mean anything in PVE. I also cannot stress that enough. Stealth classes could lose stealth in PVE and it extra trash pull? I would gladly give up stealth in PVE on my stealth classes if they got marauder utilities.
Op/Scoundrel stealth CC = utility... You're gonna give up a utility that's useful in an ENTIRELY different situation for a utility another class has for an ENTIRELY different situation in PVE? That's just dumb. Every class has their role to perform PVE-wise. This is only a discussion in PVP and even then it's moot. A DPS Assassin/Shadow or DPS Jugg/Guardian can AoE taunt as well in PVP racking up the Protection points which is WAAAAY better than closing a mere 5% dps gap in PVP. So this argument is dumb in both environments.
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