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This thread is akin to something I've been posting about for months. Marauder is easily the dominant melee class. I cannot think of a single fight where you cannot take 4 marauders who have an ungodly amount of cooldowns, most noticeably being able to roll Bloodthirst with 20% uptime.

What advantage can you think of to bringing any of the other melee dps classes?

Powertechs have... Pull, Taunt, and Stealth Scan -- lose
Operatives have Vanish, Cleanse (Tech/Physical), Infiltrate, Exfiltrate -- lose
Assassins can Vanish, Taunt, Phasewalk, Overcharge Saber, Force Speed -- lose
Juggernauts have Taunt, Push, Intercede -- lose
Where's Sniper on your list? Of course Marauder and Snipers would be waaaay better DPS-wise... It's the ONLY thing they can do. They can't tank and they can't heal. All of your examples have 2 specs. BW made Mara/Sent and Sniper/Slinger better DPS-wise BECAUSE they cannot do any other role EXCEPT for DPS. Sorry, but this will not change. QQ elsewhere.
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