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Healers have completely dominated PVP since ~1.2 or 1.3 (not so much Commando/Merc).

Any PVP is a damn nightmare right now. Premades stack heavy healers and win by virtue of healing being completely overpowered, causing a lot of misplaced complaining about premades. Healing outstrips damage by a MINIMUM of 2:1, often 3:1. This is just a simple fact. The occssional high damage numbers are almost exclusively AOE inflation and people being ignored in vain attempts to kill nearby healers.

This completely ruins all Warzones, except Huttball where positioning and high ground control are a bigger factor than straight confrontations, usually.

Civil War and Novare - Get ANY minor advantage and auto-win. Once the healer-heavy team establishes a 2-cap, winning becomes impossible for the other team. There is literally no way, barring the healer team simply not watching the turret, for the other team to turn the game around. Everything dies so slowly such that, even if you COULD win the engagement... respawning healers prevent any chance of doing so.

Voidstar - Turtle the first doors with your unkillable team. Again, as long as the door is not simply left empty, there is no way for the attacking team to down the door.

Hypergates - With the trend in play, as long as your pylon isn't sniped, the healing team will win. They can easily get more kills and orbs due to dominating victories in midfield. There is again literally no way to turn the match around unless they just leave their pylon empty.

The PVP of this game used to be fun... USED TO BE. I love this game, and the warzones. But, with patch after patch of healers being completely unbeatably dominant, I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to play or keep a sub active.

It's like they want to ruin every enjoyable aspect of the game systematically just to make sure it dies off completely and generates no more revenue.