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05.15.2013 , 11:31 AM | #146
I got into two bad runs yesterday myself. When it rains it pours...

First one was a HM LI, trying to get the daily done for the 10 basic coms on my sentinel. I'm level 55, healer is 54, other rdps is 55, tank is level 50 with only 14k health, mostly tionese gear and green relics/earpieces. He dies on the first sub boss and on one of the totally avoidable trash pulls before the first boss. I proceed to drop group.

Later, I get HM Hammer Station with a naked vanguard (see for more details) who wipes our group twice before we can vote kick him. Healer pulls out tanking companion and we proceed until we get to the droid group with the two elites/two strongs. As I CC one of the elites, the healer DC's and we wipe. 5 minutes later the healer is still DC'd. Drop group again.

Full moon or patch day, take your pick.
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