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BLACKLIST: These players are barred from all future events, they are to be attacked on sight by any and all participating players with no repercussions.

Offenders can buy their way off this list by contacting Epsis. A fee will be charged relative to your crime.

Sibek, Vendryll, Sulaman, Ozem - Fee, 800k - Paid, second chance.

The following players have been barred due to trolling:

Eli'jah - 800k Fee

Ebon Hawk RP
AbyssÍus Sith Sorcerer | Xaraki Miraluka Juggernaught | Swerto - Cyborg Operative
RÍignier Human Powertech | Meskero - Sith Gunslinger
Sib-Khun - Human Guadian | Jar'ath'andil - Chiss Sage | Tatlia - Zabrak Commando