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Until further notice, the Kote'Akkanir has been cancelled. If you wish to do things on your own, that is fine but Clan Epsis has ceased it's sponsorship of the event.

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***The Image of a large Mandalorian in red beskar'gam appears***

If you are receiving this message, you have been invited to attend the Kote'Akkanir, or Glory Fight in our tongue. Clan Epsis will be hosting a Gladiatorial Arena in one of four locations. Fortunes, fame, and glory are at stake. Bring your friends, weapons, and your credits. Fight in the ring of blood, and prove yourself the greatest combatants in the galaxy, or enjoy the spectacle. Respond to this message and you will be alerted when and where the next fight will take place.

I'll see you there.

***Transmission Ends***

((OOC Info:


Clan Epsis is hosting a weekly "Fight Club" in open PvP areas such at Outlaw's Den and Southern Illum. These fight clubs will be arenas for teams to duke it out on wager-based combat. Teams will consist of individuals, 2's, 3's and at most four on four.

This is not a tournament. Instead fights will take place between challengers and challenged until the event ends, or all fighters who wish to fight have had their chance. Combatants will enter the ring. One will challenge the other, and the challenged will make the initial wager. The c hallenger can accept this wager or raise it, so on and so forth until both have agreed on a price. Both teams will leave their credits with an Epsis representative and the fight will take place, the winner taking the pot.

Combat is not required for involvement. On top of the bets combatants will be making with each other, spectators are able to bet and enjoy the fights as they wish, as long as they do not interfere. Roleplay is also not a requirement. If you simply wish to attend and prove your prowess, that is your right.

The rules are as follows:

1: Only combatants may enter combat, anyone interfering with the fight will cause it to be canceled and a a 3 minute break will be called for cooldowns.
2: Combatants must stay within the boundaries of the arena at all times. Purposefully walking outisde of the arena will be considered a forfeit. Being pushed out of the arena will give you a 10 second countdown, if you do not re enter the arena within this time you forfeit, healing outside of the boundaries or using the boundary timer to extend a fight or to your advantage will forfeit the match.
3: Bets will be handled by Clan Epsis personnel at all times, winnings will not be handed out until a fight has concluded with a victory or forfeit. Bets are agreed upon by both parties prior to the match and paid to the Epsis representative.
4: Spectators must remain within the defined spectator boundaries during the bout, leaving this area will be considered interference. Repeatedly doing this will bar you from further tournaments.
5: A time limit may be enforced depending on the variables. This time limit will be established before the fight. At the end of the fight it will be considered a draw and credits returned to both parties. This is to ensure no healer vs healer match lasts all night.

Special rules may be applied to fights if both combatants agree to them or request them, such as fighting naked, fist fights, imbalanced fights (such as 2v3) or anything else you may enjoy.

The four locations I have chosen are below, each have their own unique feel.

Arena 1: Illum - Republic Base
The ruins of the main Republic Base on Illum, the frozen corpses of lost soldiers litter the floor of these hallowed grounds. The Largest of the arenas, the Republic Base hosts elevation, line of sight, and massive area to cover.
It's boundaries are the front doors, and the mountain is off limits.

Arena 2: Outlaws Den - Arena
The smallest and most straight forward of the arenas, the arena in the outlaw's den hosts two small line of sight locations, and no elevation difference. The stairs are off limits and the boundaries are clear.

Arena 3: Illum - Gree Site
The most noteable of the arenas, the Gree site hosts elevation, line of sight, and a massive area in the middle to duke it out. The boundaries are the outer metallic ring of the dome.

To be notified of when and where the next arena will be, /cjoin RP on the Imperial side the day of the event, or contact a member of Clan Epsis (The time and location will be posted on our website). ))
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