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05.15.2013 , 09:43 AM | #1
I've never really been a huge PC gamer and only use my laptop to play a few games. It has never had great performance even with low graphics settings but its done ok. More recently my laptop has started to struggle to the point of overheating and rebooting randomly. At this point I have to change something and I'm looking for advice as I've very little knowledge on PCs.

As I said I don't care about running the game on high settings (low is fine) I just want a stable, smooth experience that doesn't reboot randomly. My laptop only has 3GB memory and uses about 1.3 of that just through Windows 7 so I know I'm short of memory to run SWTOR. Question is, would a simple ram upgrade be sufficient (I'm using 64 bit OS) or should I go for a tower; in which case what's the cheapest options available bearing in mind I'm happy with low settings just a smooth, stable experience.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.