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05.15.2013 , 08:33 AM | #145
Leveling up one of my alts (Lightning Sorcerer) I queued into Collicoid as damage. When we're waiting for the healer to load in, the other damage (Marauder) who happened to be group leader, started the first event. We wipe horribly, three times, before all of us died together and it reset.

After some scolding by the rest of the group, we head to the second set of turrets, and realize he's already there, jumps in, and we spend 10 seconds or so catching up. No problem though, it's easy enough.

We loot and the guy Needs on a cunning piece (healer is Operative). He's F2P and can't trade it.

So the first pack of mobs is those 4 tough elites with a ton of health. He just runs into the middle of them while the healer was still typing about the Need he rolled. He dies instantly, and the tank goes down quick. As they are dogpiling onto me, I notice the marauder running BACK into them again.

We wipe like three more times (unable to votekick him while in combat) before I manage to yoink him back as he's charging down long enough to get out of combat and votekick him.

Was the weirdest thing I've ever seen, and some ingenious trolling.