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They released the vindicator armor set which you would have to save multiple months to buy even with the lower price now. Then you would need to purchase...the helm separately??? This is what some would refer to as nickel and diming; but I digress, you are so OOC I think you are in the wrong thread. I mean, the ooc is strong with this one.

Oh, you mean the vindicator set that I bought last night with the CC that I had saved up?

And guess what? I DIDNT PAY A PENNY MORE THAN JUST THE SUB. Stop whining.

Edit: It would be prudent to add that most of the CC I had saved up was from when the game went F2P, as I have NEVER spent it. lol.

Double Edit: Kinda wish that I knew was OOC meant, but I think it is "Out of Character". In which case, please elaborate.

Quote: Originally Posted by Themanthatisi View Post
They is the reply from every move they make, yes the allotment of coins has not gone up..... I pay to get extra, I have 4k coins, but this is about principal now. They are doing too much.... They even took away sharing of toys that was ALREADY FREE...

Are you an employee perhaps?
Oh my gawd, you caught me. Yes I am an employee, and I am on the forums trying to end this reign of QQ and Whining so that the game doesn't lose subs.... /sarcasm

I have nothing else to say to that idiocy.