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05.15.2013 , 07:20 AM | #108
Hello everyone,

I just got accepted into this Wonderful Guild. During my recruitment phase i was asked to come here and post about the experience I had during the recruitment process.

Well My experience was a great one. There is an initial 2 week period where you are expected to post in your thread a little about yourself and answer questions others ask of you. My 2 weeks ended up being a month due to some major family issues i had during the process. These guys were very understanding when i had to go out of town suddenly for a family emergency and then again for a family death during my first 2 weeks. They just put my app on hold and as soon as i got back i just started posting and the recruitment period started up again. This is a great group of people to game with as well. As soon as I put in my application they added all my toons lvl 50's and all my lowbie alts to the in game guild and i was able to play with anyone in guild or not. I hope you go to their website and join today they really are a wonderful group of individuals that love to play games and the application process is easy and flexible as long as you keep in touch with them about what is going on.

Have a good one and go check us out.