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The OP is wrong on many levels:
  • The are many fights where having 4 melee DPS makes the fight more challenging such as Zorn & Toth.
  • Marauders suffer from poor AoE even in smash spec compared to other classes, and AoE is very useful for boss adds.
  • While Marauders offer great utility via defensive CDs and proc self heals, there are many other classes that bring other utility such as taunts, other target heals, cleanses, group damage reduction, pulls, etc.

I appreciate you used quotes around constant, but even still at best you would be able to get 60s out of 300s of max DPS due to Bloodthirst - 20% is far from constant. Plus, when a Marauder is affected by another Marauder's buff - Predation or Bloodthirst - they do not build stacks of fury. It is really difficult to do max DPS when you can't use Berserk.
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You are correct Oofalong.